With the DV-COM Academy, we have set up an extensive and permanent system for basic and further training that shapes employee development in a manner that is structured and fair. The DV-COM Academy revolves around creating “elite” personnel – employee training and quality is very highly valued at DV-COM. The foundation for success is laid here at the DV-COM Academy. You will enjoy your first success and have fun in no time!

In-house training at the DV-COM Academy: Let professionals make you a professional

At each site and during each project, specialist and communication trainers will provide you with support for every aspect of the job on a daily basis and also in numerous seminars and workshops. Consequently, there is nothing standing in the way of your success in the call center, even without training. At the beginning of your DV-COM career, you will enter a basic training programme and will receive a certificate upon completion of the programme. Every member of DV-COM has a support and assessment meeting once a year, in which strengths and weaknesses are highlighted and discussed. Our buddy system and coaching center will ensure you’re safely integrated into the DV-COM family and not left on your own.

The pillars of the DV-COM Academy:

“World tour” basic training
The projects our employees handle involve all sorts of customer issues and concerns. The field and client you start with after you join us will depend on your qualifications, but also on your talents and affinities. You will receive comprehensive in-house training, which will give you excellent professional preparation for everyday life at DV-COM. Instead of cramming information into dry, boring seminars, we will take you on an exciting “world tour”. On the different “continents”, our likeable trainers will teach you important principles that you will need during your career.

Coaching and monitoring
DV-COM is all about quality. Implementing best-practice methods and sustainable teaching and learning are therefore very important to us. Our specialist and managerial staff are professionally trained to coach and monitor. Coaching is the provision of personal support to enable KPIs to be achieved, while monitoring involves measuring the quality of customer advice and support.

Specialist and product training
In addition to taking care of the careful introductory and familiarisation process, our certified trainers hold specific specialist and product training sessions, assist our customer advisors with daily tasks and evaluate results. This enables us to improve together continuously and train you to become a top performer.

Management training
True leadership is an art and the basis of successful and pleasant working relationships. Our managerial staff therefore receive special support as well, which consists of basic training and intensive practical assistance. All potential new specialists and managers attend an assessment center to begin with. Here, they are given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and capabilities.


We train you!

As a medium-sized company, we are aware of our social responsibility and offer young people the chance to develop through professional training. In addition to our further-training opportunities in customer care, we offer dialogue marketer training and study opportunities in collaboration with cooperative universities.

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