Staff offers

A family takes care of each other, in the big as well as the small things. Being part of our family, our employees enjoy many advantages. We also have even more individual benefits at the ready at our locations, such as e.g. sport clubs, job tickets, relaxation rooms and much more. Our employees enjoy spending time in the team after work doing regular project campaigns and activities, like having breakfast together, going for a company run or at a barbecue party – just like a family.

Our staff offers at a glance:

DV-COM discount portal

We offer a variety of employee discounts at online shops, insurance companies, travel services and much more in our large DV-COM discount portal.

DV-COM help group

All for one and one for all! The DV-COM help group is an internal organisation at DV-COM that supports staff in need of financial aid.

Fair pay

All customer advisors receive the same basic pay and performance pay plus awards and bonuses.

Fruit days

DV-COM regularly supplies you with vitamins. All staff can help themselves to a wide range of free fruit on our fruit days.

Health management

As part of our occupational health management, DV-COM organises vaccination days, health days and sports events for you – free, of course.

Sport (almost) free!

Through close cooperation with local fitness studios, reduced or even free training is available to you.


Our staff enjoy all-inclusive parties in summer and winter at the best locations in the city.

brainLight relaxation system

As a responsible-minded company, we provide you will first rate breaks with the audio-visual relaxation system, brainLight.

Dialogue on equal footing

DV-COM offers many opportunities to participate in organising the workday. At our executive manager’s brunch, we offer the opportunity to discuss all concerns directly with the management.

We are interested in your opinion

We are constantly working on improving ourselves with regular satisfaction surveys and give our staff members a chance to have their say. Furthermore, anyone can introduce suggestions for a great working day using our idea box.


Our staff newspaper is written by customer advisors and is published four times a year. All staff can therefore find out what is going on at their location.

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