We link motivation with action

We do not see our staff as mere service providers. They are people who give their best every day and make us the successful communication service provider that we are. We therefore go to great lengths look after new employees: This begins with an extended welcome and introduction and mainly consists of an intensive training session. Customer care at DV-COM is a skill, we do not throw you in at the deep end. We will find the best project for you depending on your qualifications and talent.

We support careers from within our own ranks.

Many of our call center team leaders also started out as customer advisors. We appreciate good performance and support our talent through numerous seminars providing further training. You will be offered workshops covering communication, team building, time management, leadership, sales and knowledge management, for example. The DV-COM Academy gives you the opportunity to pursue one of three career paths and gradually take on more responsibility.

manager development path

We believe in you and your strengths and would like you to keep taking forward steps with us. Irrespective of which path you choose, the DV-COM Academy will provide you with the best possible platform for success!

Our professional staff and executives tell:

Aynur Güclü, call centre project manager in Mannheim

Aynur Güclü, call center project manager in Mannheim

„I manage several projects for different clients at the Mannheim office. I have a lot of responsibility in this role, because it is only if I do my job well that clients and colleagues will be equally satisfied – and that is my main credo. My manager, our call center manager, consults with us project managers every day, and together we steer our projects towards the future by coming up with creative ideas for our clients. My team leaders, our quality assurance staff, the trainers and our monitor managers support me throughout this process and, together with their teams, implement strategic decisions in everyday tasks.“


Richard Joos, project manager in Pforzheim

Richard Joos, project manager in Pforzheim

„I started as a customer advisor at the Dresden office in 2010. After six months, I became a team leader at the beginning of 2011 and was given responsibility for a group of 35 employees. In the autumn of 2013, I was offered the chance to move to the DV-COM branch in Pforzheim and be the project manager for a large telecommunications project. I took the opportunity and am now responsible for 130 employees. I progressed from being a customer advisor to being a project manager within three years. Are you motivated, flexible and want to show what you can do? Then accept the challenge. No path is easy – even I had highs and lows – but every experience is valuable. DV-COM will support you and help you write your own success story.“


Yasemin Murtaza, quality manager from Pforzheim

Yasemin Murtaza, quality manager from Pforzheim

„As a former university student, I link DV-COM with further training. After completing my training, I quickly realised that I had not yet been able to completely exploit my potential. So I took my vocational A levels and then starting studying international management. While working part-time here, I discovered that DV-COM really supports desires to develop further its employees and so I told the management about my interest in a dual, i.e. more practical study programme. Two weeks later, I was granted a place on a course in service management and service marketing that primarily focused on sales management, media management and communications management. During this time, I got a comprehensive overview of each department at DV-COM and was able to gain a large amount of interdepartmental experience. It quickly emerged that I would be responsible for this area after my studies.“


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